Kids Cafe Programs Stand Out in the Community

Throughout the school year, the Food Bank manages our Kids Cafe program, which is an after-school program that offers tutoring, nutrition education, mentoring and nutritious meals to children at risk of hunger. Each Kids Cafe site is operated in partnership with a respected community agency to provide the attention and accountability needed to ensure quality…


Child Nutrition is About More Than Food

By Christi Mallasch, Child Nutrition Programs Supervisor at the Food Bank CENC When we think about nutrition, it makes sense that we first think about healthy food. When you are as passionate and focused on a mission as the team here at the Food Bank, it’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking of…

Photo of Family preparing meal

How You Can Help Ensure Healthy Food For All

Eating healthy food every day is a luxury for over half a million people in Central and Eastern North Carolina. Thousands of working families can’t afford fresh fruit, whole grains, or lean meat rich with protein. When children don’t eat enough nutritious food, it affects their ability to learn new things in school, and they…

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10 Amazing Things We Achieved Together This Year

For many of us, the end of the year brings celebrations and a time for reflection. In 2015, we provided more meals than ever before, expanded our programs for children and seniors, and raised awareness of food insecurity in central & eastern North Carolina, all thanks to awesome supporters like you. Here are 10 things…


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year–Except for Kids like Bradley

By Gideon Adams, Senior Manager, Programs and Outreach There are lots of reasons for Bradley to feel excited about going to school. He’s five-years-old, and couldn’t wait to start Kindergarten. Like the other kids, he looks forward to reading books with his teacher, making arts and crafts, and playing outside with his friends. But for…


Sasha’s Thanksgiving Dinner

By Michael Cotten, Director of the Food Bank at Sandhills Sasha comes to the Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills every day after school. She likes to do arts and crafts, go in the computer lab, and play basketball in the gym. Her favorite part, though, is the warm meal. Sasha, like many of…


Making Summer Awesome for Kids in North Carolina

By Gideon Adams, Senior Manager, Programs & Outreach This summer… 6,300 more children could depend on a healthy meal five days a week. 6,300 more children had enough energy to play outside and continue to learn all summer long. 6,300 more children didn’t have to worry about their next meal and could enjoy their summer…


Video: How We Served Hot Meals to Kids This Summer

Over half of all the children in our 34-county service area depend on the meals provided by their school as their primary source of food. While school cafeterias were closed this summer, we served more than 220,000 meals to 5,500 children through our Kids Summer Meals program. At more than 130 churches, schools, community centers,…


Because of Awesome Supporters Like You

What is the impact of your support for the Food Bank? Because of you… We provided more than 45 million meals to food insecure homes across our 34-county service area. We distributed more than 16 million pounds of fresh, nutritious produce to children, families, and seniors in need. We served more than 711,000 meals to children…


This Morning at Breakfast

This morning these children ate their breakfast at a Kids Summer Meals site in Durham. Their favorite part of the meal? Pouring the milk into the cereal. After they finished eating, they got to go outside and play.