Relief for the Town of Atkinson

Stories of Hope

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the love and support you’ve shown as our community begins to rebuild from Hurricane Florence. It’s because of friends like you that we can provide emergency relief and support to people in central and eastern North Carolina during this time of great need.

Recently we delivered three truckloads of water to Atkinson Baptist Church in west Pender County from Raleigh after receiving an urgent call from Pastor and Mayor Ken Smith.

Ken told me that the town of Atkinson became an island for several days due to the rising creeks and rivers. The town itself survived, many have lost everything due to the 20 feet of water that flooded the area.

Food Bank CENC President/CEO Peter Werbicki with Town of Atkinson Mayor Pastor Ken Smith

Food Bank CENC President/CEO Peter Werbicki with Town of Atkinson Mayor Pastor Ken Smith

Moving forward we will supply them with water, food, cleaning supplies, and whatever else they might need from our Food Bank branch in Wilmington.

I shared that we will stand beside them for as long as they need us.

With your generosity, we will continue to provide emergency food, water, supplies, and care. Thanks to friends like you, the people of Atkinson need not worry.

With gratitude,

Peter Werbicki

President/CEO Peter Werbicki






Relief efforts continue

In the wake of Hurricanes Florence and Michael, the Food Bank continues to respond to immediate needs across our service area. People are still displaced throughout our 34 counties, and numerous areas are still dealing with effects of downed trees and flooding.

During the relief and recovery from a natural disaster, the need for emergency food increases as displaced families seek precious resources. Hygiene and cleaning items are becoming more necessary, but the need for water has decreased. Food, water, and supplies are stocked and being distributed from our six branches to our network of partners, and in some cases directly into the community.

As we work to distribute food and supplies to shelters and our nonprofit partners, donations of funds will be of special importance to help the Food Bank provide emergency and increased assistance to people in need, as swiftly as possible.