NC Baptist Men picking up some Florence Relief food & supplies to bring to #CarteretCounty.

Your Food Bank After Florence

It’s been several months since Hurricane Florence hit, and then lingered over North Carolina, impacting almost all the Food Bank’s 34-county service area. We knew immediately that recovery and rebuilding would take along time, and the Food Bank committed ourselves to supporting our friends and neighbors for the long haul.

Together, We’re In It For The Long Haul

President/CEO Peter Werbicki: It’s important to continue to remember the children, seniors, and families who were hit hardest by the storm. Many have lost everything. For those who were already struggling to provide for their family’s basic needs, the flooding is even more catastrophic. And unfortunately, many these folks have a long recovery still ahead.

Food Bank CENC President/CEO Peter Werbicki with Town of Atkinson Mayor Pastor Ken Smith

Relief for the Town of Atkinson

Stories of Hope I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the love and support you’ve shown as our community begins to rebuild from Hurricane Florence. It’s because of friends like you that we can provide emergency relief and support to people in central and eastern North Carolina during this time of great…

Find Help – Hurricane Florence

Food Bank CENC is hoping for the best – while working hard to prepare for the worst. We are coordinating with Partner Agencies across our service area, and stocking their shelves with as much food, water, and supplies as they can take. The agencies on this list represent our primary disaster relief sites – however…

When you don’t know what tomorrow will bring

Charles took a lot of pleasure and pride in working in the construction industry, until one day on the job, a tree fell on him, breaking his skull and shattering vertebra in his back. He was left with a plate in his skull, six fused vertebrae, and no income because his injuries made it impossible to work. “After the…

Short conversations

As we begin to wind down our Stop Summer Hunger initiative, and look ahead to Hunger Action Month in September, I have again been reminded about the power of partnerships in our community. When it comes to making sure that children and their families can keep food on the table during the stressful summer months,…